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Here you will find an overview of courses in English offered by all departments at Osnabrück University.

Courses in English

Course offer for Master's program in Economics

Especially for our Master's program in Economics, we have created a page with a short description of the most important courses in the field of economics. However, it may happen that one-off courses are offered in the current semester that are not included in the list. You can find these courses below, under "Current course offer in English in all programs at our School".

Our official module catalog contains a list with all potential courses for all degree programs at the School of Business Administration and Economics. The module calalog includes courses offered in both languages English and German.

Current course offer in English in all programs at our School

Below you will find is a list of the courses offered in English in the current semesters at our School of Business Administration and Economics. The list includes both Bachelor’s and Master’s courses. Our courses are organized in modules. A module may contain lecture(s), seminar(s), supplementary study class(es) and/or tutorial(s). To pass a module, you must complete all of its components.

Our courses are generally available for both degree seeking and exchange students. Please note that there may be an application process for seminars, which takes place months in advance. Lectures and supplementary study classes, on the other hand, generally do not require application.

Courses in English (SoSe 2024)

Courses in English (WiSe 2023/24)