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Research Profile

The research profile is characterized by topics of high scientific and social relevance. Most of the projects belong either to the field "Behavior, Risk and Regulation" or to the field "Networks, Innovations and Digital Transformation".

Behavior, Risk and Regulation

The research in the field "Behavior, Risk and Regulation" analyzes how economic units respond to governmental regulation. For instance, specific projects examine impacts of bank regulation on the behavior of banks, effects of balancing or assessing of personnel expenses on remuneration policy or influences of reforms of social assistance on employment behaviour. In these investigations risk is interpreted in two ways. On the one hand, systemic risks are considered. On the other hand, behavioral risks of economic agents are analyzed. Explaining and managing these behavioral risks is a further focus of the field. Themes are, e.g., influences of pricing policy on consumers, impacts of performance measurement and evaluation systems on success in organizations or effects of subjective risk preferences.

The following departments are researching into the field "Behavior, Risk and Regulation":

Networks, Innovations and Digital Transformation

The research in the field "Networks, Innovations and Digital Transformation" analyzes networks and innovations for digital products and processes. A focus is on digital business models. Digital business models considered are on the one hand business models that deal with digital products or the digitisation of processes in companies. On the other hand business models are analyzed that use digital processes to create innovations. Examples for specific projects are virtual and augmented reality glasses in conjunction with new digital media for vocational education for the machine building industry or research about open innovations. Further emphasis is on the analysis and arrangement of social-technical information systems. Social-technical information systems are characterized by the interaction between humans and technology. They are analyzed in methodological as well as applied research projects. An example for an applied project is the development of technical solutions to link different individuals and groups working in the nursing area.

The following departments are researching into the field "Networks, Innovations and Digital Transformation":