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Welcome to the Chair of Macroeconomics 

The Chair of  Macroeconomics focuses on major macroeconomic topics both in teaching and research at the University of Osnabrück. It is part of the Institute of Empirical Economic Research that consists of three empirically focused departments: the Chair of Macroeconomics, the Chair of International Economic Policy and the Chair of Econometrics and Statistics.





New publication by Vera Baye and Prof. Dr. Valeriya Dinger accepted in Real Estate Economics

The new research paper "Investment incentives of rent control and gentrification - Evidence from German micro data" by Vera Baye and Prof. Dr. Valeriya Dinger has been accepted for publication in Real Estate Economics, the journal of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association (AREUEA).


The paper empirically shows that the effectiveness of the German rent control introduced in 2015 in achieving rental housing affordability is limited. As one reason for this, the authors identify a causal negative effect of the rent control on the yield of rental properties subject to the regulation. In addition, they examine the spillover effects between regulated properties and properties in the affected markets that were exempt from the regulation and find rising yields for the exempt properties. The study thus emphasizes that rent control contributed to gentrification by shifting the supply of rental housing away from the regulated segment.

Advanced Seminar in Macroeconomics winter term 2023/2024

A master`s seminar will be offered in winter semester 2023/2024. The theme ist "Challenges to Financial Stability in Times of Rising Interest Rates". Further information about the seminar and the procedure can be found in the seminar announcement.

Academic English for Master and Advanced Bachelor Students in WiSe 23/24

The Language Center of the University of Osnabrück offers an Academic English Skills for Master and Advanced Bachelor Students in Economics in the Winter Semester 2023/2024. Click here to access the offer.

Guest lecture at the Chair of Macroeconomics

As part of the module "Money, Banks and Financial Markets", a guest lecture will be held to which everyone interested is cordially invited. On Tuesday, July 11, 2023, 10:15 - 11:45 AM, Mr. Fabian Gieseke (Deutsche Bundesbank, Staff of the President of the Head Office in Bremen, Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt), will present on "Current challenges for the Eurosystem's Monetary Policy". The lecture will take place in room 22/215.

Master seminar in winter semester 2022/2023

In the upcoming winter semester, a master's seminar will be offered again. This time the topic is "The Price of War: Economic Deglobalization in the 21st Century".

More information on the seminar schedule can be found here in the seminar announcement.